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I would like to place an order

If you are not yet a customer, please register using this link.

If you are already subscribed, please call our customer service (022 869 24 44) to arrange a pick up time.

I would like to change my order

If you wish to change a scheduled pick up or drop off, please call our customer service at 022 869 24 44.

I would like to cancel an ongoing order

Please call our customer service at least 24 hours before the scheduled pick up; you can reach us at 022 869 24 44 If we are unable to pick up or drop off your items, you will be charged a 20 CHF no-show fee to compensate for our driver’s driving cost and time.

I would like my order to be sent to an address other than my own

Please check if this location is in our delivery area* and if you will be able to meet our driver there.

What area do you cover ?

Our service is available in Geneva as well as in Nyon Region. You will find the detailed list of the locality included in our service area below.

Is the washing and dry cleaning of my clothes outsourced ?

Your clothes are cleaned at our Baechler Manufactory, dry cleaning and washing experts since 1834. Our manufactory is located in Carouge, in the center of Geneva. The cleaning of a few specific pieces of clothes might be out-sourced (leather, for example).

What items can I entrust you with ?

We can take care of all your garments, beddings, or winter coats for example. For any furnishing cleaning that require a quote (curtains, rug, sofa), please contact our Home Department at 022 869 24 24.

How long do I have to wait between the pick up and the drop off ?

The delivery usually takes place 3 to 7 days after the pick up, depending on your location and the size of your order.

Is there a pick up and delivery fee ?

The minimum order is 60 CHF. Pick up and delivery are charged CHF 20.-.

I have not given my bank details yet, how do I pay ?

You will be able pay by card directly to our driver, when he will drop off your items. You can pay by card; we do not take cash.

I have a Prestige card as well as a shirt subscription ; can I use them for the home delivery service ?

Your Prestige card allow you your usual discount on your order. Your shirt subscription is unfortunately only valid in our shops.

*Area of service :

1162 Saint-Prex
1163 Etoy
1170 Aubonne
1180 Essertines-sur-Rolle
1201 GE centre Pâquis
1202 GE centre Nations
1203 GE centre st Jean-Charmilles
1204 GE centre Cité
1205 GE centre Plainpalais Jonction
1206 GE centre Champel
1207 GE centre Eaux-Vives
1208 GE centre Malagnou
1209 Le Petit Saconnex
1212 Lancy
1213 Onex
1214 Vernier
1215 Cointrin
1216 Meyrin Cointrin
1217 Meyrin
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
1219 Châtelaine
1220 Vernier Avanchets
1222 Vesenaz
1223 Cologny
1224 Chêne-Bougeries
1225 Chêne-Bourg
1226 Thônex
1227 Carouge (GE)
1228 Plan-les-Ouates
1231 Conches
1232 Confignon
1233 Bernex
1234 Vessy
1236 Cartigny
1237 Avully
1239 Collex-Bossy
1241 Puplinge
1242 Satigny
1243 Presinge
1244 Choulex
1245 Collonge Bellerive
1246 Corsier
1247 Anières
1248 Hermance
1251 Gy
1252 Meinier
1253 Vandoeuvres
1254 Jussy
1255 Veyrier
1256 Troinex
1257 Croix de Rozon
1258 Perly-Certoux
1260 Nyon
1262 Eysins
1264 St Cergues
1272 Genolier
1274 Signy-Avenex
1281 Russin
1283 Dardagny
1284 Chancy
1285 Athenaz
1286 Soral
1287 Laconnex
1288 Aire-la-Ville
1290 Chanvanne-des-Bois
1291 Commugny
1292 Chambésy
1293 Bellevue
1294 Genthod
1295 Mies
1298 Céligny
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